Specialist Teaching for Parents & Caregivers

Specialist Teaching Services

Are you a parent with a child who is struggling with their reading, writing and spelling?
Are you worried that your child is falling behind?

Don’t wait to do something about this. The earlier your child gets help the
more success they will experience.

Our Freedom Literacy Specialist Teachers are just that – qualified teachers who have specialised in literacy.

Our Specialist Teachers follow the Freedom Literacy structured literacy approach, founded on the work of Orton-Gilligham. Scientific research tells us that this is the gold standard for literacy teaching and learning. Instruction by this approach is crucial for dyslexic learners to crack the code of English.

A Structured Literacy approach is necessary for all ākonga who find reading, writing and spelling difficult.

For more information or enquiries please contact janice@freedomliteracy.co.nz