Freedom Literacy is a Gisborne based company providing evidence based professional development in literacy for educators, and quality evidence based literacy intervention in both primary and secondary school settings.


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About Freedom Literacy

Freedom Literacy grows the literacy capability of educators, parents, whānau and learners of all ages.

Freedom Literacy was born out of a passion to see effective literacy teaching and learning in all school sectors.

Our vision is to empower equity in literacy education.
Our goal is to see every learner experiencing the freedom and joy of being confidently literate.

Freedom Literacy is committed to being strongly evidence-based. Our pedagogy of literacy acquisition is based on an Orton-Gilligham and Structured Literacy evidence-based approach.

We provide professional learning and development for educators that is responsive to your context.

We offer specialist intervention work for parents and whānau to access for their tamariki who are challenged in literacy.

We want to help you into greater levels of freedom. Accessing the vast accumulated knowledge of our society and the communities around us, at a deep level, assists people to attain greater levels of freedom, in mental well-being, in intellectual, physical, financial and spiritual wealth.

Freedom Literacy feathers learning together, knowing that an integrated approach to literacy instruction is efficient, powerful and grows strong minds.


Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu
Adorn the bird with feathers so it may soar.