Literacy Facilitation

Educators' Professional Learning and Development

We know that you want equitable outcomes for all ākonga, and to be educators who can make powerful educational choices in literacy instruction.

We understand that pedagogical change can be confronting for some. That is why Freedom Literacy utilises a professional learning model that is responsive to your context and your personal growth journeys.

Responding to individual educational settings, Freedom Literacy brings a deep understanding of literacy pedagogy. We promote teacher agency through our responsive coaching and collaborative problem-solving model.

Specialising in a Structured Literacy approach, founded on the work of Orton-Gilligham, we work collaboratively to infuse the science of literacy teaching into classroom practice.

Janice Langford, director of Freedom Literacy, is a Ministry of Education accredited facilitator. You can explore her profile through the Ministry of Education facilitator search tool.

Our Freedom Literacy team is experienced across the primary and secondary school sectors.


Grow pedagogical understanding and knowledge of the structured literacy approach.


Implement a Structured Literacy approach that meets both teacher and learner needs.


Grow and strengthen cross-curricular literacy at secondary level.


Understand and set up well for Tier 3 intervention including secondary level.


Grow awareness and understanding of dyslexia and how to support dyslexic learners in your school.


Discover how to support their dyslexic learners.

Ākonga experiencing accelerated success is extremely motivating and exciting for teachers - and facilitators!